Sumera is the elder daughter of Mr. Abdul Wahid She is 7 years old. She belongs to village Jogain, District Peshawar.She was in good health by her birth but due to some reasons she staring with hearing loss. Doctors advised the parents to use hearing Aid, but due to economic crisis of the family her Father couldn’t afford to purchase that Hearing aid.

CHEF found Ms.Sumera among those disable that are hardly living their lives. After Doctor Suggestions CHEF provided her the appropriate Hearing Aid. As she couldn’t hear properly that’s the reason way she can’t talk .her father told the CHEF Team about her daughter as he was really depressed about her future because she would be not acceptable for the marriage in future .after she received the hear device she beings to listen to their parents and peers .After installation of Hearing Aid she being to learn how to speak.

Her mother was over warmed with joy when she started speaking and called her mother for the first time, her family members and her friends were so happy after her treatment. Now Sumera is living a normal life again and very thankful to the organization for this support.