Name: Abdullah

Age: 12

Class: 6th

Disability: Physical/dwarfism

School: GHS Charsadda Khas.

I was studying in school but the big problem for me was to go to classroom because Most of my class rooms in which I studied was on the first floor and I was having problem to go to my class. I have to spend my break time in class because I was unable to go up and down to the ground floor. My fellow students were reluctant to talk to me.

After flood our school ground was covered with mud. WE were unable to continue our studies.  When a team of CHEF International came to our school for screening they talk to me and my teachers. I told them that as my class room is upstairs so the basic problem is for me right now is to use stairs with a school bag. Then the team has a discussion with my class teacher and school Principal.

They also renovate our school and build ramps and installed railing bars. In next week my class room was shifted down stairs was shifted down stairs. one day my father came to school  to talk to my  teacher about my academic progress there he noticed these ramps and vision bars and ask a teacher about it . After being told the main concept of this thing s. they realized that this was the training outcome which make then realized about issues faced by a Person with disabilities.