Girls Primary School Swabi

Eyes play a vital role in our day to day lives and are perhaps the most precious gift we have. Our daily activities depend on eye sight. However, there are many people among us who are affected by vision defects and suffer a lot.

During our School eye programme we have identified a number of cases where student’s visual abilities are not up to the level due to refractive error or any other eye related problem. eventually leading to isolation and depression. Following case is among many in which due to intervention of our team the vision is corrected.

Aqeela is nine years old and is the fourth grade student of Government Girls Primary School Batakara,District Swabi. Her father Saifullah Khan is farmer. Our trained teache rMs.Shahnaz begum was able to identify Aqeela with vision problem. During our school screening she was found Myopic in both eyes


According  to her teacher, Aqeela’s academic performance is in the average category, she always squeezes her eyes while looking at the black board, keeps book very close to her eyes ,often complains of headache but when asked to inform her parents, she gave no response. According to our counselors it might be due to stigma regarding how her fellows will perceive her wearing glasses, she kept the problem to herself. She was counseled and given confidence, Glasses have thus become a part of her everyday requirements and its significance has rose considerably especially its impact on vision is huge. During our follow-ups Aqeela seemed very happy, she told our health counselor that after warring glasses she feels relieved, can play games, and also help her mother in kitchen work. Her teachers noticed the great improvement in her behavior and grades