School Name: GPS No.2 Charsadda.

Union Council: MC-III

Date: 28-03-2013

Talha S/O Shakirullah

Student of class 3

Children’s of Charsadda are not having a place where they can go and environment facilitates them and motivates to come for education. I am a student of class three in GPS no 2 charsadda Located in MC 111. the area had been affected by the floods of 2010.the condition of the school were in a state where there was no space for children’s to study, class rooms were filled with mud and stagnant water pool in the middle of the ground was the habitat of the diseases. I got sick two time and when went to doctor there he told me that I have been suffered from malaria and it’s because of Mosquito bite .All these things contributed to decrease in the moral of students and had a bad psychological effect on students for that reason the number of enroll students were kept on decreasing .there were no clean drinking water was available.