Inclusive Health

CHEF International envision:  “Comprehensive and cost effective health care services for all with special emphasis on those living in poverty”.
CHEF International has an extensive experience in health sector especially eye care, based on past experience enriched with success in establishing comprehensive eye care services, CHEF International is focusing in other areas in its new strategic plan. The health programme of CHEF International is further divided into Public health, Mental and Psychosocial health, Maternal and child Health with a strong evidence based programme planning and development.
Public Health


  • To develop plan of action for public health ; Primary Health Care, Health Education, Integrated approach to comprehensive health care
  • To identify gaps and needs in public health and produce a comprehensive report
  • To develop programs in the identified area

Mental and Psychosocial health


  • To increase awareness and identify mental and PS health issues in KPK.
  • To provide help as counseling, referrals, provision of drugs.
  • Produce research papers in the field of  community mental health 

Maternal and Child Health


  • To conduct a need based analysis and develop a comprehensive strategy
  • To develop Linkages with Partners in MNCH
  • To develop Programs in MNCH
  • To carry out research in Maternal and Child Health