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about us

Comprehensive Health and Education Forum International (CHEFI), is a non-profit Pakistan-based organization registered under the Societies Act, 1860, and one of the best donation NGOs in Pakistan. The organization is also certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP). Recently, CHEFI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Government of Pakistan, to implement projects and programs in the field of health, rehabilitation, eye care services, disability and disaster, education, Climate change and livelihood in Pakistan. Founded by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Daud Khan (Ex Vice Chancellor Khyber Medical University) and his colleagues in 2007. The CEO of the organization is Sohail Ayaz. The founder had the vision to empower people and improve their lives and, therefore, offer inclusive, sustainable and equity-based donations and services in health care, rehabilitation, climate change and education to all, including marginalized segments of society, especially persons with disabilities, and even support Afghan refugees. The organization values working with the government, Non- Governmental organizations (NGOs), civil societies etc. The philosophy of CHEF International is to campaign and advocate for climate change, marginalized, deprived and under-served segments of society (like Afghans, disabled and disaster-struck people), focusing on women, children and persons with disabilities. Therefore, the organization prefers to advocate for inclusive policies, formulate equitable models and mobilize resources to improve their quality of life. It has the mission to become one of the best Donation and support providers in Pakistan. Initially, CHEF International focused on eye care services, but subsequently, it built its capacity to address the challenges of inclusive education, disability, climate change, disaster management, and support Afghan refugees. Therefore, various inclusive model projects and programs are developed based on the country’s priorities and realign with international covenants. CHEFI aims to allign their goals with UN Global agenda of United Nations sustainable development goals and provide support and care to the mass. CHEF International is also a member of the International Association of Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Besides this, CHEFI is performing an active role as a member on the Provincial Eye Health committee. CHEFI is also a member of Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PCRDP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For the provision of quality disability-related services, CHEF International is registered with the International Support of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) and a member of the WHO forum of hearing and deafness. Since its inception, the management of the organization has proven its capacity and implemented services during different disasters situations, established hospitals and promoted inclusive education in remote terrains. To date, the organization has touched the life of 2.2 million inhabitants. CHEF International is committed to facilitating the underprivileged segment of society through dynamic collaboration and strong partnerships with all the relevant local and international stakeholders under the law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

our mission

“CHEF International works to reduce risk and vulnerability for people by incorporating a wide spectrum of solutions in disaster recovery and reconstruction, education, eye services, charities, refugees support, and collaborating with the public about rebuilding their lives.”

our vision

“CHEF International’s vision is to become one of the best donation NGOs in Pakistan by creating awareness among the public in environmental disaster management by enhancing institutional capacities for preparedness, response and recovery, and developing a support system.”

our values

We approach our work with courage, confidence, compassion, and integrity. Our core values include raising awareness for environmental issues, serving marginalized communities, providing eye care services.

Chairman best donation NGO CHEF International Mr Muhammad Daud Khan

chairman's message

Since its inception in 2007, CHEF has made a significant improvement in its three major areas of focus, including inclusive education, inclusive health and cross-disability, and donor management. In addition, CHEF has made a tangible contribution to disaster management in district Charsada in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and parts of Sindh and Punjab, starting with rescue and relief and ending in long-term rehabilitation. CHEF has rehabilitated/refurbished several inclusive schools and BHUs/RHCs in many districts. Besides, CHEFF provided maximum support to reconstruct and refurbish houses as well. CHEF International’s cross-disability institute, namely the Pakistan Institute of Rehab Sciences, under the able leadership of Dr. Farrukh Seir in Islamabad, has made excellent progress and churning out batches for CBR services in the communities across the country. The organization has been providing eye care services and even reimbursed many donations for support during the floods of 2022. The House of Blessings Charsada has shown incremental improvement in scope, quantity, quality and sustainability. CHEF aims to improve the scope and capacity of the Pakistan Institute of Rehab Sciences by adding Master and M. Phil courses. We have started to upgrade its Community Vision Centers to Community Vision, Hearing and Cataract Service Centers. It is expected that this upgradation will not only improve the scope of these service units but also expand access and uptake of services. With tangible results, CHEF has continued its rehab services in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In addition, CHEF is focused on supporting the poor and underprivileged in the country and providing them with support, strength, and resources to regain their normal life. In collaboration with CHEF, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governments are seriously considering the establishment of Provincial Rehab Science Institutes in the coming years. CHEF will continue its advocacy efforts with the governments of Baluchistan, Sindh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit & Baltistan and FATA to establish a rehab science institute. CHEF is committed to realigning its current and future projects with the UN Global sustainable development agenda from 2016 to 2030. We focus on making CHEF a torch-bearer for the cause of disability, rehab science investment, inclusive education, eye services, donor providing and comprehensive disaster management. CHEF aims to become of the Best Donor NGOs in Pakistan, focusing on charities, supporting the poor and working for the community’s welfare. CHEF and its board of directors would like to thank federal and provincial governments, collaborating partners, particularly Pakistan country offices of the WHO and UNESCO, CBM, Light for the World, SEVA Foundation, TOM and other donors and partners for their sustained and generous financial and technical support, which has come a long way in serving the people in need. CHEF International is highly indebted to its worthy Board of Directors for their guidance in effective service delivery. CHEF staff also deserves appreciation for their devotion and commitment to community services. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Daud Khan

CEO of best donation NGO CHEF International Mr Sohail Ayaz

ceo's message

Mr. Sohail Ayaz is a committed CEO of the company that focuses on achieving its vision, mission, and values. The CEO understands the importance of the measures taken at CEHF International. He aims to make CHEF the Best Donation NGO in Pakistan. He understands that people with disabilities live in difficult circumstances due to inadequate services and opportunities. As a result, NGOs, consultancies and advocacy groups play an active part in promoting inclusivity, influencing policies and providing assistance — and prevention where possible — to people living with disabilities. Rehabilitation for persons with impairment and disability is demanding in any context because it involves long-term interventions and requires donations from national/international donors and care providers with specialized skills. In protracted crises, however, rehabilitation is particularly challenging. The infrastructure may be destroyed or degraded, affecting communication, access to buildings and roads, and procurement of rehabilitation products and services. The need for rehabilitation will be increased, urgent and complex. Cultural concepts and beliefs around disability may be stigmatizing, hindering the development of rehabilitation policies. Accordingly, the most vulnerable, including women and children with disabilities, may get further marginalized, exploited and exposed to violence. Rehabilitation addresses the impact of a health condition on a person’s everyday life by optimizing their functioning and reducing their experience of disability. Rehabilitation expands the focus of health beyond preventative and curative care to ensure people with a health condition can remain as independent as possible and participate in education, work and meaningful life roles. Anybody may need rehabilitation at some point, whether they have experienced an injury, disease, illness, or because their functioning has declined with age. Since its inception in 2007, CHEF International has been at the forefront of inclusive education, inclusive health, cross-disability, eye care, advocacy and disaster & emergency response about relief and rehabilitation programs. The team is working CHEF International is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children with disabilities at the community level. It implements its interventions for capacity building/training of school teachers related to cross disabilities and physical accessibility of children with disabilities. In order to ensure the provisioning of primary healthcare services to persons with disabilities, CHEF International’s flagship inclusive health services program has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of disabled persons. It has been offering comprehensive eye-care services for the restoration of eyesight and treatment of eye diseases of deserving people. Moreover, the team at CHEF International worked tirelessly to provide the best services possible to deserving families during the difficult times of Covid-19, including food, medical care, and financial assistance. Similar to how they did in the pandemic years, CHEF’s dedicated team assisted the flood victims in 2010 and 2022. When floods ravaged the Charsada district in Khyber-Paktunkhwa, CHEF International organized medical camps, distributed food, and provided clean drinking water, thus actively participating in the rescue, relief, and rehabilitation of the locals, with thanks to the unwavering support of the Board of Directors, national and international partners, donors. Even in 2022, the charity was committed to flood stricken areas, in which the team played a prominent role while delivering success. Recognizing CHEF’s efforts to improve education, pandemic preparedness, and flood relief activities, its efforts to combat climate change are worth mentioning. CHEF aspires to contribute to the global struggle against climate change by raising awareness in both the corporate and social sectors. CHEF has long been involved in climate change initiatives, organizing seminars for students to encourage them to carry out result-oriented, though small-scale initiatives to save the planet. Under cross-disability services, CHEF International strives the provision of medical services for the specialized needs of persons with disabilities. It caters to mental health, ENT and eye-care services, with complete mechanism of screening, treatment and referral. CHEF International takes advocacy as the cross-cutting theme and advocates for the rights of children with disabilities in development initiatives and model programs in cross-disability. It closely works with persons with disability and their organizations, facilitating them with ample opportunities to raise their voices for their inclusive and effective participation in society. CHE is the staunch proponent of implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities through legislation in Pakistan. Last but not least, CHEF International is committed to serving humanity in its mandate under relief and rehabilitation programs. CHEF International’s efforts to provide relief and rehabilitation services to devastated communities in the wake of disasters speak volumes for its commitment to serving the needy. Whether it be providing emergency health services to the affecters of the deadly 2005 earthquake, healthcare services to persons with disabilities or internally displaced persons or helping the 2010 and 2014 floods affecters, it has remained at the forefront of helping the needy people. Under the able guidance of the visionary Board of Directors, CHEF International is determined to scale heights and cultivate new frontiers in its vision, mission and values. We are determined to serve t effectively to witness inclusiveness in health, education and other spheres of life for people in need, especially persons with disabilities. Sohail Ayaz Khan

board of directors

CHEF International is governed by the Board of Directors, which comprises a panel of experts and professionals. The BoD takes active part in reviewing, monitoring and evaluating the progress of the organization. It also gives strategic direction to the organization and reviews its progress regularly. It is fully committed towards the organizational goals. Following is the formation of the CHEF's BoD

Chairman best donation NGO CHEF International Mr Muhammad Daud Khan

Prof Dr Muhammad Daud Khan

Ex Vice Chancellor
Khyber Medical university
CEO of best donation NGO CHEF International Mr Sohail Ayaz

mr sohail ayaz khan

CEO, CHEF International secretary board of directors
Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

prof dr muhammad aman khan

Peshawar medical college
Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

dr muhammad babar qureshi

director EMR, CBM international member
CHEF International BOD Member

mr khalid sultan khwaja

managing director
tariq sultan & company peshawar
Donation NGO BOD Member

mr ahsan ali syed

ex-secretary, al-khidmat foundation member
Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

mr farooq nazir haroon

civil servant, retd member
Ahmad Jawad Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

mr ahmed jawad

federal secretary member
Tahir Banuri Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

mr tahir banuri

ex director architecture CDA member
Ms Zarmina Durrani Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

ms zarmina durrani

philanthropist member
Ms Rukhsana Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

ms rukhsana abbas

philanthropist member
Ms Neelo Sikandari Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

ms neelo sikandari

philanthropist member
Dr Bilquis Donation NGO CHEF International BOD Member

dr bilquis hassan

medical specialist member

chef international team

CHEF Executive team is responsible for providing operating leadership with in organization the team operates as collaborative decision making body reponsible for executing CHEF vision, mission and objective

CEO of best donation NGO CHEF International Mr Sohail Ayaz

mr sohail ayaz khan

CEO CHEF International

dr farukh seir

executive director PIRS

mr tahir naseem

chief finance officer

mr sameer hussain

deputy CEO program

mr ikranullah khan

deputy CEO Management

mr sanaullah khan

hospital administration DMRC

dr aliya qadir

deputy director PIRS

mr fida hussain

CEC takht bahi hospital administration

mr fakhar ud din

monitoring, evaluation & reporting

mr khalid sethi

fund raising manager

mr israj gul

eye coordinator

our partners

We would like to extend gratitude to our donors, partners and sponsors for generously supporting the organization during the years. The support enabled us to touch many lives, rejuvenate their hopes for future and provide life-changing opportunities to the communities in distress. CHEF International is highly indebted to all our partners, donors and philanthropists for their generous contributions during the years and look forward to the same in future.