The purpose of accessible Health & WASH Programme is to improve the access of locals, especially the persons with disabilities of Tehsil Kot Addu towards sustainable and inclusive primary health care services with focus on improvement of personal and community hygiene practices through community involvement and development.

Target Areas

Eight union councils including six of Tehsil Kot Addu namely Budh, Mehmood Kot, Thatta Gurmani, Alurid, Qasba Gujrat, Ghazi Ghat and two union councils of tehsil Muzaffargarh namely Karam Dad Qureashi and Sharif Chajra, District Muzaffargarh – South Punjab, Pakistan.

Project Interventions/Activities

Primary healthcare infrastructure  has been renovated and made accessible for the persons with disabilities as per the international standards in seven Basic Health Units and one Rural Health Centre. These units have been also equipped with medical and non-medical equipment. Besides, these units are also made energy sustainable for provision of round-the-clock services. To maintain the record of the patients, these units are also equipped with IT equipment and latest technology.

A total of 40 Village Development Committees and as many Village Health Committees have been established in all the abovementioned eight union councils. The purpose of these committees are to identify PWDs in community, gather PWDs for screening, conduct awareness session on PWDs/hygiene promotion/key health diseases prevailing in community i.e. dingy, malaria, hepatitis, etc. to make the project activities sustainable. Therefore, eight DPOs have been established comprising upon 56 members in each union council.