Ch. Sajjad Memorial Hospital-District Gujrat

A local philanthropist has graciously donated 8 kanals of prime land to CHEF International to establish a charitable hospital and institution, known as “the CSH Memorial Hospital” in District Gujrat. The project will be implemented in 4 phases. The hospital is located in the village of Dheerkey.

The Hospital is surrounded by villages Dheerkey, Shadiwal, Mohla, Samma, Ghazi chak, Kathala, Dheerky Khurd etc. which are within a distance of one kilometer from the Hospital, the population of these villages is over 20,000 and together with other smaller villages the hospital will cater to a rural population of over 30,000 in its surroundings, in addition to the urban population nearby which is within a radius of five kilometers of the hospital.

Phase 1: Community Cataract Services. This phase has been completed in month of April 2018. Till date, the hospital has provided the eye care services and general services to over 2500 people during the first year of its operation besides a large number of cataract operations for the poorest of the poor at highly subsidized rates have been conducted. The hospital only recovers the cost and providing the services to the community at the lowest minimum and affordable cost.

Phase 2: Up gradation of Community Cataract services to Comprehensive Eye Care Services along with the establishment of Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health services and physical rehabilitation services in a purpose built building.

Phase 3: This phase will include initiation of the comprehensive mental health services; care and treatment of drug addicts, ear and hearing care services and Recue, Relief and Referral services for victims of road traffic accidents. When the hospital is completed, all services will be provided on the basis of recovery of cost. It would therefore be a charitable hospital to serve the community

Phase 4: The Fourth phase will include the Ophthalmic Human Resource Development Center.

The first phase of the project has been completed in June 2018 and currently providing quality and affordable services to the locals. Those who cannot afford the services, are treating free of cost.

Currently following services are available for the locals;

  • Out-patient Department (OPD) services (General and eye care services)
  • Cataract Surgery services
  • Spectacle shop
  • Medicine shop
  • Laboratory services