Experience Sharing Workshop 18th June 2013

Event: Experience Sharing Workshop

Venue : Hotel MetropoleMurree

Date :18 June 2013

The goal was a good learning opportunity for CHEF International to learn from partner organizations and stressed on the future collaboration of joint venture on disability specific initiatives and contribute towards the establishment of rights based inclusive society for all.

A key note speech was delivered by Mr. Sebastian Justin from ICCO &KiA. He thanked all the partner organizations for their keen participation in all the training and also threw light on the importance of disability issues in disaster management. He mentioned that ICCO &KiA take disability as a cross cutting theme and is committed to mainstreaming disability based on human rights based approach.


Mr. Atif Sheikh, President Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), also delivered a key note speech on the role of disabled people organizations (DPOs) in disaster risk reduction. He thanked CHEF International and ICCO &KiA for taking the initiative of preparing partner organizations for inclusive emergency response which is the dire need of time. Mr. Atif Sheikh also stressed upon the leadership of persons with disabilities and DPOs. The involvement of DPOs in DRR planning will contribute to improved inclusive practices. He also stress on the need of replicating the initiative of CHEF International with DPOs.


  • Joint ventures on disability specific projects.
  • Establishment of network on disability inclusive disaster risk reduction which can also contribute to the strengthening of existing networks working for the same cause.
  • Sharing of information and resources in future.

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