Blinding eye diseases remain a highly prevalent and serious health problem worldwide. Ac- cording to World Health Organization (WHO) there are 37 million blind people (visual acuity of less than 3/60 in the better eye with best available correction) and 120 million with low vision (visual acuity less than 6/60 but more than 3/60 in the better eye with the best available correction). CHEF has established primary level as well as secondary level eye care centers/hospitals.

1-Primary Level Eye Care Center

Primary level eye care centers are also known as Community Vision Centers providing the services of preliminary eye screening and refractive services to the marginalized and poor people residing in the remote areas. Following are Primary Eye Care Centers under CHEF International.

CVC Charsadda, Tehsil Tangi, Distt. Charsadda

CVC Mardan, Par Hoti, Distt. Mardan

CVC Hazro, Tehsil Hazro, Distt Attock

CVC Rawat, Distt. Islamabad

CVC Islamabad, Farash Town, Islamabad

CVC D.I. Khan, Tehsil Paroa, Distt. D.I. Khan

CVC Yar Hussain, Tehsil Chotta Lahore, Distt. Swabi

2: Secondary Level Eye Care Hospitals

Secondary level eye care hospitals along with primary level eye care are also providing cataract surgical services and referral of complicated eye diseases to tertiary level hospitals. Following are the secondary level eye care hospitals under CHEF International:
i. DMRC, Charsadda
ii. Takht Bhai Hospital, Mardan
iii. Haji Yaqoob Eye Care Centre, Peshawar