Restoring Vision

Eyesight is one of the most precious gifts of Allah to the mankind because it (eyesight) plays a pivotal role in our day to day lives. Our daily activities depend heavily on our eyesight. However, there are many people among us who have impaired vision and they suffer a lot due to this disability.

During the school eye programme, CHEF International identified a number students enrolled in Government Girls Primary School, Batakara, District Swabi, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, whose visual abilities were not up to the level due to refractive error or any other eye related problems. This was due to their impaired vision, that the students with this disability remained in isolation and depression due to the social stigma.

Nine years old Aqeela is the Grade IV student of Government Girls Primary School Batakara, She was identified with myopic vision in both eyes. Her father Saifullah Khan is farmer. As Aqeela could not see properly, it affected her study progression. She was unable to see properly and was rated in the average category of students.

She would always squeeze her eyes while looking at the blackboard, keep book very close to her eyes, often complain of headache. She would not explain her issues to her parents. It might be due to stigma attached to the disability. She kept the problem to herself.

CHEF International provided counselling to Aqeela besides getting her examined from eye specialist. Now Aqeela wears glasses and is gaining confidence with every passing day as her eyesight issues have been resolved.

During follow-up visits, Aqeela seemed very happy and she told CHEF International’s health counselor that after warring glasses she feels relieved, can play games and also help her mother in kitchen. Her teachers have noticed improvement in her behavior and grades as well.

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