CHEF International initiated Inclusive Education Battagram project in 2009 as a pilot project with the objective of developing a sustainable model Inclusive education schools and using it as an advocacy tool with Education department at national and provincial level for adopting Inclusive Education system in all the mainstream education institutions and using it as model for replication at provincial level national level. Since 2009 44 children with disabilities are inducted three government mainstream schools in district Battagram.


Integration of disadvantaged Children with Disabilities into society through Inclusive Education


Successful Initiation and Implementation of Inclusive Education in 3 Government main stream schools by inducting 44 Children with Disabilities.

Successful Advocacy with all the stake holders and formation of strong and active steering committee.

Initiation & implementation of Inclusive Education in 3 government mainstream schools by making accessible infrastructure and capacity building of 32 male and female teachers.

Projection of Project as a role model in the province.