With regard to Inclusive Education (IE) Nowshera CHEF International is working in two schools i.e.

  • Govt. Primary School No. 1, Nowshera Kalan
  • Govt. Girls Primary School No. 1, Nowshera Kalan

First of all, buildings of both the schools were made accessible via infrastructural changes as per international accessibility codes and then teachers were trained on inclusive education. Parallel tasks were to sensitize the target society especially parents of children with disabilities (CWDs) and disability survey. After identifying potential CWDs, their medical assessment was exercised at DMRC and assistive devices were provided to them as per prescription of the concerned doctors. Then 26 CWDs were inducted in the selected schools where they are getting education. Also, Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student was formulated and proper follow-ups on IEPs plus meetings with the parents and teachers of CWDs are in progress.