Pakistan due to its geographical location lies on 3 major fault lines out of 7 globally, additionally due to its land characteristics variety of rivers and monsoon climate, improper land use planning, unplanned/unsafe natural resources exploitation  the country become highly vulnerable to natural hazards. The country has encountered with 2 major disasters in past decade, affecting almost 20 million people. With little or no concept of DRR in the country a large number of populations is exposed to hazard, the situation is further complicated by the interaction of poverty and disability.

Bringing smile on the deprive community

Venerable Groups specially Person with Disabilities mostly excluded from Disaster Risk Management phases such as response, recovery, rehabilitation and preparedness. CHEF International in actively taking part in identification of PWDs , Provide Inclusive services like inclusive shelter scheme under cash for work , provision of accessible hand pumps for clean drinking water, inclusive Health and rehabilitation  services , Livelihood and NFIs since 2005 earthquake, 2008 IDP crises, 2010-2012 Floods and 2013 floods in Pakistan .

CHEF International has designed and implemented several programmes related to the needs of community in term of inclusive Health , inclusive Education , PWDs empowerment and livelihood services . CHEF International is also very much focus on the need of Person With Disability in disaster and emergency situations .therefore CHEF International developed and designed inclusive Disaster response and risk reduction projects and advocates for Person with disability and their families to be included in preparedness , response and recovery activities conducted by Main streaming Disaster Risk Management Agencies