CHEF International values working with local communities at the grass root level. To reach the marginalized is its mandate. Its philosophy indicates that the best future investment is the human capital formation.

Every project that CHEF International would undertake will be based on the objective of “Empowerment of the Community”.

CHEF International started the physical rehabilitation programme with support of CBM. The programme was desired to provide quality and affordable services to the students of Al-Farabi and local population. Subsequently, the project has been evolved into a programme and linked with Human Resource Development in physical rehabilitation. Currently, CHEF International is holding two physical rehabilitation

workshops and state of the art training center in physical rehabilitation.

Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences.

The CHEF-International in collaboration with CBM has established one state of the art orthopedic workshop at PIRS, ISRA University with the provision of services of a CBM consultant from France. This workshop is providing rehabilitative services to the physically hand­icapped and a backup of teaching and training facility for the students of Diploma in Prosthetic and Orthotics as well. Currently 14 students are enrolled in Diploma of Pros­thetics and Orthotics in PIRS. The course is recognized and accredited by National Training Bureau, Govern­ment of Pakistan. The first batch of diploma students will take final exams under NTB in February 2016.

AlFarabi Orthopedic Workshop, Islamabad

Alfarabi Physical rehabilitation centre is an orthopedic workshop established as a pilot project in 2010, the purpose of this project is to establish an affordable, sustainable, high quality international standard orthot­ic & prosthetic workshop at Al-Farabi Special Educa­tion Centre for Physically handicapped Children which will also serve as a benchmark for replication in other areas of the country specially in the province of Punjab, the project also serve as a center of excellence for capacity building of staff in leadership management and production of orthoses and prostheses. Al-Farabi Orthopedic workshop Primary indoor service recipients include patient children of the school for special children in Al-Farabi (approximately 120) and patients from Islamabad / Rawalpindi and surrounding areas.