Message by CEO

when I get to talk with some of those people whose lives have been changed in so many different ways because of our improved health and education. services.I think about people like 30 years old Mr. Asad, whom we met in Takht Bhai. He suffered from Cataract and Staphyloma diseases and lived many years as blind person. He started his education in blind school and reached to tenth grade. Recently, he was detected and operated for the surgery. After a successful operation, first time at the age of 30 he saw his parents and alphabets on vision chart, that previously known to him on brail. The impression and laugh he gave to each alphabet was amazing. He is enjoying his life with more joy and happiness.

I recall a conversation that made with person with physical disability on the wheel chair importance
during distribution. He mentioned that it is the only thing that gave him the independence and empowerment.
My colleague Mr. Shahab told me an amazing story of Mr. Sher Ali. He is a young cricketer with artificial limb
facilitated by one of our centres. After rehabilitation, Mr Sher Ali is now captain of a disabled cricket team and
his recorded bowling speed is 140 kmph, he rehabilitation of Mr. Kamran at Mental Health Unit,
District Medical and Rehabilitation Center (DMRC). Charsadda, gave him the chance to come back to his normal life.
It is amazing to see the transformation of education capabilities of students from remote areas at Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (PIRS) through providing technical, quality and at affordable educational opportunities.

In fiscal year 2015, we passed many important milestones:we have almost touched 0.2 million families and improved their quality of life through provision of inclusive health and education services. My team is much focused to achieve the forthcoming targets to build impact so that many more people will be lifted out of poverty. I believe that all these successes were not possible without a committed team, support of international and local partners and guidance of CHEF Board members.
Our work has always been our passion !

Sohail Ayaz Khan

CEO – CHEF International