Overall Objective

Persons with disability in district Charsadda have access to functional primary healthcare services through the selected BHUs.

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to provide high quality accessible medical and rehabilitation services to the populations of 130000 flood affected people specially persons with disability of four selected union councils (Bubak, Hassanzai, Abbazai, Shakh # 6) of district Charsadda.

The services will be made available by:


  • Arranging free medical consultation services with high quality medicine
  • Identification of persons with disability in all selected union councils
  • Creating awareness in the community on the rights of person with disability by community awareness session by counsellors
  • Conducting counselling sessions on pre-natal post-natal depression and carrying out consultations on M&CH in the selected four BHUs
  • Providing nutritional care and consultation to expecting mothers by door to door visits and consultations.
  • Referral of expecting mothers from primary healthcare to secondary for further consultation and expert opinion
  •  Empowering persons with disability through creating DPOs (Disable people organization) among the identified PWDs in the selected catchment area.
  • Training of medical and primary healthcare staff on rights of person with disabilities.



The following planned activities have been carried out by the project:


  • Renovation of primary healthcare units by making it accessible
  • Making selected Basic Health Units energy autonomous by installation of solar panel
  • Training of medical and primary healthcare staff.
  • Provision of comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services in selected BHUs by providing expert doctor and primary healthcare staff
  • Patients counselling in selected Basic Health Units by mental health team
  • Free Eye Camps in selected BHUs and referral of cataract patients from primary to secondary
  • Developing a public-private partnership with People‚Äôs Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI)

Our Achievement