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  • Planning for hearing impairment, Islamabad, 17-21 Dec 2018
  • Partnerships
  • Inclusive Health
  • School Eye Health Programme(SEPH)


“One of the main lessons I have learned during my five years as Secretary-General is that broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges. When governments, the United Nations, businesses, philanthropies and civil society work hand-in-hand, we can achieve great things” -Ban ki moon-UN Secretary General.


CHEF Team visit of BUNIR Eye Hospital

Visit of Mr. Sohail Ayaz (CEO) Chef Int. to Among Other distinguishing Guest Israj Gul Eye Care Coordinator Mr Fida Hussain Admin CEC Takhtbhai, Dr Khalid Jamal Incharge DZEH , Aizaz Ullah AC Ghagra Liaqat Director Bait-ul-mal, Muhammad Haneef Ameer JI distt Bunir . Eng Nasir Ameer JI PK 78 Bakht Zameen Shah Peace committee President Sikh community,  Dr Habib Distt Ophthalmologist Bunir DSP Quresh,